Director of production & custom sets knitter.

She is my right arm; she accompanies me everywhere, she gives the trainings to the little news, she is master knitter with me and Brigitte and she will soon be Director of production. Sonia is a very funny, neat, maternal and loyal woman. Originally from Algiers, Sonia leaves 2 months in the summer with her daughter Maëlyne to find her roots (and bring me pure olive oil) hihihi.

Knitter at heart since the age of 7, knitting is for me a passion inherited from my late grandmother. She taught me how to rank first, one stitch at a time. Technique refined over time, this hobby has become a real moment of happiness. I joined the MSM team in 2016 to join business with pleasure ! ” – Sonia

Thank you my beautiful Sonia for your generosity and your involvement!