Marie-Soleil MODE is proud to have the talented singer Mélissa Bedard as the official spokesperson of the brand. Our decision was an easy one as Melissa is known for her good heart, her undeniable passion and her proximity to people. Melissa is so incredible in everything she does for her fans and her talent is out of this world!

Several actresses, singers and announcers have fallen in love with our products.

Joanie Gonthier, Weather announcer
Salut Bonjour | TVA

Joanie Gonthier

Last December, we were contacted by Salut Bonjour and Salut Bonjour Weekend staff to help dress their weather announcers: Joanie Gonthier and Geneviève Hébert-Dumont. On January 19, it was with an immense pleasure that we saw Joanie on TV with the < France D’Amour > turquoise kit. She published this picture in her Instagram Story and she sent us the following comments : « Thank you for these nice accessories ❤️??? ! ». Keep your eyes open as they will wear five other M-S Mode kits before the end of the winter.

Andrée Watters,
Singer & Producer

Andrée Watters

This photo is very significant for Marie-Soleil as she was already a big fan of Andrée Watters previous to this stamp of approval: << This artist has touched me in many ways by her words, her songs, her personnality and with her art ! Today, it is an incredible feeling to see her wear my own art, my talent ! I have also discovered her kindness throughout the production process for her customized order. What a woman! >>

France D’Amour,

France D’Amour

When the moment came for France D’Amour to choose a kit, the talented singer-songwriter-composer was immediately attracted to the turquoise kit. This color is a perfect fit for the pretty redhead and gives her a very stylish look. The France D’Amour model is available in our online store.

Élyse Marquis,

Élyse Marquis

We renamed the black kit in Elyse Marquis’ honor as she fell head over heels for this design. She sent us this photo with the following message « It’s really nice, soft and comfortable. It not only warms up the body, but the heart as well. I can’t wait until winter time !! » . The Élyse Marquis model is the most popular as it can be worn with almost any coat.

Ingrid Falaise,
Actress | Speaker | Author

Ingrid Falaise

The pretty actress recently published this photo of her wearing this black tuque in her Instagram Story. She is proudly showing the M-S MODE brand label. Her baby Emil is also keeping warm with the Élyse Marquis kit this winter. What a beautiful parent/child duo.

Mélanie Maynard,
Actress and host

Mélanie Maynard

The actress and host Melanie Maynard is a woman that designer Marie-Soleil really looks up to as her bright personality and authenticity make her unique. Melanie had fun when she received her favorite Marie-Soleil MODE kit ! She posted this photo on Instagram mentioning « Thank you Marie-Soleil MODE for this fabulous product !!! I will honor it and wear it in every way I can ! ».

Marie-Soleil Dion,

Marie-Soleil Dion

Marie-Soleil Dion posed with her kit and wrote a post on her Facebook page: « I received this tuque and tube scarf kit and it’s awesome ! […] Go browse their website, everything is beautiful ! ».  Marie-Soleil, this brand’s founder, always liked this actress, and her first name of course 😉 The Marie-Soleil Dion kit is one of our best selling products.

Valérie Carpentier,

Valérie Carpentier

You can see the very sweet Valérie Carpentier proudly show her pink kit on both Instagram and Facebook, making us remember her song Rosie . She wrote: « The ‘’Valérie Carpentier’’ tuque and tube scarf kit from @mariesoleilmode. Because winter is not over. As a plus, it is handmade, uses recycled-fur and is produced here in Quebec ! I chose the color because I always look at life through rose-colored glasses, it’s very soft <3 ». The Valérie Carpentier kit is available in our online store.

Lise Thériault,
Deputy Premier of Québec

Lise Thériault

Last September, the Deputy Premier of Québec Lise Thériault came to meet us and chose the Marie-Soleil MODE light gray kit to keep warm this winter. The same day, she was interviewed on the radio and talked about us: « They have very nice products. It is very fashionable and trendy. It has the advantage of being handmade by mothers at home and the fur used for the pompoms is recycled. Well done, very beautiful products ! »

Marie-Audrey Houle,
Weather announcer | Téléjournal de Québec

Marie-Audrey Houle

Marie-Audrey Houle was a weather announcer during winter season 2015-2016 for the Téléjournal de Québec and she regularly wore three M-S MODE kits for her segments. After wearing her first kit (the Andrée-Anne model), she contacted us to thank us for the softness of our products, to say that she received multiple positive comments from her work colleagues at Radio-Canada and to also mentioned that she truly enjoys wearing our products: « My tuques are a perfect fit for any coat. I am in love with your talent ! I want winter to be longer…I want to keep wearing them a long time ! » . She then added two other kits to her collection: the Marie-Soleil Dion kit and the Audrey kit.