About Us

Keeping you warm in comfort, elegance and style

The wool used to create the Marie-Soleil MODE kits is hypoallergenic. In addition to not irritating the skin, it is comfortable, soft and durable. The kits were created for cold Quebec winters and will keep you warm even in very low temperatures. The designer’s dedication towards the brand is showcased throughout the whole year, as the quest to find the latest trends is an ongoing process. Marie-Soleil often takes the pulse of her clients by reaching out to her 29 000 Facebook page members in order to include them in the creation process. The ultimate objective is to keep you warm in comfort, elegance and style.

Customization / Exclusivity

Marie-Soleil MODE products can be completely customized. You can also choose the shade of the pompom and add wooden buttons as decoration. You can therefore create an exclusive product which will be tailored to your taste. It is also possible to visualize your customization ideas in real-time through our online tool. This feature lets you choose among our 25 available colors and the realism of the resulting mock-ups is a great plus for our clients.


Our products only use ecoresponsible products in their fabrication process. Our hypoallergenic wool comes from non-animal sources, recycled-fur is used for the pompoms, our business cards are printed on recycled paper and our production cycle follows the “zero waste” principle. The environment and its preservation are at the core of our business.

Marie-Soleil Vallière
Founder | Designer


A word from the founder

I knew knitting would be a strong passion of mine ever since I was 4 years old. When I went to kindergarten, I remember constantly playing with those wooden dexterity games where we had to pass different wool threads through the challenging holes. All through my childhood, I knitted when I had free time. Later, my mother-in-law’s shared passion for knitting motivated me to follow several training lessons to improve my skills.

As a specialized educator, I worked several years with people that were mentally challenged and autistic. I also attended university to pursue a degree in psychology. I finally decided to re-allocate my time towards growing my business and raising my children.

My mission strongly motivates me and drives me to exceed expectations; designing models that will fit your needs regarding color and style, all while respecting my high standards for comfort, warmness and environment-friendliness.

Every time I see the final products knitted by our team of mothers, I am amazed and seized with emotion as the amount of work and minutia it takes to create such a high quality item is incredible. This is truly a team-effort.

When you wear Marie-Soleil MODE products, you are helping a local business grow and you encourage its values of quality, durability, importance of producing locally and the respect of the environment. You also help provide Quebec mothers with job opportunities.

Thank you for your trust !