About Us

Keeping you warm in comfort, elegance, and style

The wool used to create Marie-Soleil MODE ‘ s kits is hypoallergenic; it does not irritate the skin, it is comfortable, soft and durable. Her kits are created to keep you warm during cold Quebec winters The designer’s dedication for her brand is a quest throughout the year.  Marie-Soleil works directly with her VIP clients (called the Precious) in the creation process.. to reach her ultimate goal !

Personalization / Exclusiveness

Marie-Soleil MODE ‘ s products can be completely customized. You can also choose the pompom’s shade and add wooden buttons ; CREATES YOUR EXCLUSIVE Marie-Soleil MODE Fashion  set ! Have fun visualizing your inspirations through our online tool . Your Chance to Play the Designer 🙂


Only eco-responsible products are used :
– Non-animal hypoallergenic wool
– Recycled fur
– Using of recycled paper
– “zero waste” production cycle

The environment and its preservation are at the core of our business.

Marie-Soleil Vallière
Founder | Designer


A word from the founder-creator…

Knitting is a strong passion of mine since my 4th year. At kindergarten, I remember constantly playing with those wooden dexterity games where we had to pass different wool threads through the challenging holes. Althrough my childhood, I was knitting in my free times. 20 years later, seing  my mother-in-law knitting motivated me to improve my skills.

As a special educator, I worked several years with the autistic clientele.  I was also continuing my studies to pursue my ultimate goal : become a psychologist.  But I finally decided to change my mind and use my skills to grow my business from home while raising my childrens.

My mission strongly drives me to exceed expectations; designing models that will fit your needs regarding color, style, comfort, warmness, and environment-friendliness.

Every time I see our final products knitted by our team of mothers, I am amazed and seized with emotions. All the work, the passion and skills it takes to create such  high-quality items. Perfect team effort!

When you wear Marie-Soleil MODE‘s products, you are helping a local business to survive and you are encouraging good values, quality, durability, and our only planet.. While providing passionate work to nice ladies.

Thank you for your trust!

Master knitter & knitter of custom sets.



This gentle, smiling, kind and generous Brigitte also owns a B & B in Stoneham-et-Tewkesbury. Originally from Switzerland, Brigitte offers herself a yearly return to her sources and she inevitably brings me decadent Swiss chocolate ?? She has a crucial role within the brand as a master knitter with Sonia & me. Briginette is also the mother of two pretty young ladies. ???

” I was 7 years old when I learned to knit. This relaxing and creative activity allows me to be in my bubble and relax. So I jumped in the opportunity to work with MS in 2016 ” – Brigitte

P.S the sweater she wears on the photo is fully knitted with her hands with the smallest knitting pins ?

Thank you Briginette for your excellence!

Director of production &
custom sets knitter.



She is my right arm ! With me everywhere and training the team.  She is a top master knitter and will be soon Director of the production. Sonia is a very funny, neat, maternal and loyal woman. Originally from Algeria, Sonia leaves us 2 months in summer time with her daughter Maëlyne to their native land (and brings me pure olive oil) hihihi.

” Knitter from heart since the age of 7, knitting is for me a passion inherited from my late grandmother. She taught me how to rank first, one stitch at a time. Technical refined over time, this hobby became a real moment of happiness. I joined the MSM team in 2016 with pleasure! ” – Sonia

Thank you my beautiful Sonia for your generosity and your involvement!

Production & custom sets knitter.



Suzanne is a meticulous knitter who knits all year long for MSM. She is also a granny nicely involved in the life of her cubs and loves to travel.

I took knitting classes when I was young and I made a lot of clothes for my children. As a perfectionist, it was a great challenge for me to knit with MSM standards. Since 2017, I love being a part of this team ” – Suzanne

Thank you for everything you do for me Suzanne!

Production & custom sets knitter.



When she is not working on a sewing project, she is on a knitting project. Diane needs to create with her hands and always surpass herself. She is a woman full of wisdom, simple, cheerful and very positive. There is never any trouble with Diane.

I learned to knit as a teenager. Knitting is a passion for me every day. It brings me joy and relaxation. I’m happy to collaborate on MSM projects since 2018. ” – Diane

Production & custom sets knitter.



This little sneerer maintains  the whole team dynamic! Karine is an humble mom with all talents. Everyone wants that kind of person in his team and in his life.

” Knitting has been a part of my life since my 11 years old. It’s my drug, my moment. I allow myself to be lost in my mind and live my inspirations. It is therefore with great pleasure that I joined MSM in 2018. “- Karine

Knitter on maternity leave.


Annie is our baby hihi. Speaking of baby, she just gave birth to her first child. Annie is a very calm person, perfectionist, sweet and shy. She is currently on maternity leave, knitting for the cause.

” Being a woman working in the construction field, I love working with my hands and doing all kinds of creations in my spare time. I discovered knitting 4 years ago and it truly became a passion. It is a pride for me to be a part of MSM since 2018.” – Annie

Thank you Annie for your determination! Good day, my dear!

Tricoteuse à la production.



Amélie lives in Beauce (1H30 from Quebec) and that distance is not an obstacle to collaborate on our projects. She is a sneering mom, open-minded and funny !

” Passionate about all things handmade, knitting allows me to express my creativity. I work with love, sweetness and serenity. I join the useful with the pleasant, a dream came true. ” – Amelie

Thank you for your presence which brings freshness to our team!