Élyse Marquis Model


    84.99$ for the tuque only
    • Marie-Soleil MODE Tuque & Tube Scarf Kit
    • Entirely handmade in Quebec by mothers
    • Soft wool, very warm, durable, hypoallergenic & without animal products
    • Recycled Premium-quality fur pompoms, handmade and sown in Quebec
    • The product is completely customizable
    • You can opt to only purchase the tuque
    • Please use the sizing chart to help you find the right size. To offer a gift to a female adult, please choose Unique size
    • The pompoms shown in the main picture are color <Blond>. These pompoms can have multiple shades; white, grey, golden, brown and/or ginger depending on the available inventory.


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    Couleurs personnalisées

    Choix de couleurs

    Trou de couette refermable

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    Réinitialiser les couleurs
    Item à personnaliser : Tuque et foulard Tuque seule
    Couleur du pompon : Blond Brun
    Zone 1 : Gris foncé
    • Bleu crash
    • Moutarde
    • Rainbow
    • Kaki
    • Citrouille
    • Brun foncé
    • Lavande
    • Gris foncé
    • Sable
    • Gris pâle
    • Crème
    • Gris rayé
    • Bleu royal
    • Vert crash
    • Blanc
    • Noir
    • Baby rainbow
    • Vieux rose
    • Rouge vin
    • Rouge
    • Bleu flash
    • Raisin
    • Turquoise
    • Émeraude
    • Rose foncé
    *Les couleurs présentées peuvent différer de la couleur réelle.
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    Marie-Soleil MODE accessories are entirely handmade in Quebec by mothers. The chosen wool is soft, warm, durable, hypoallergenic and contains no animal products. Our recycled-fur pompoms are also handmade in Quebec. On top of their premium quality, they are firmly sown to avoid any losses and to preserve the original quality of our products. The kits were created for cold Quebec winters and will keep you warm even in very low temperatures. As an available option, you can choose to modify this kit by altering its colors, creating a kit tailored to your personal taste. Our dynamic customization tool will help you choose among our wide selection of over 25 colors and allow you to immediately view an interactive model of the final product before finalizing the order.

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    Weight 560 g